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Become a friend of New Collegium

Do you share our fascination for baroque music and baroque instruments? Do you also believe in their expressiveness, here in the 21st century? Do you enjoy our performances, live and through the loudspeakers?


Then the original meaning of the collegium certainly appeals to you: the combined strength of individuals who find each other in equality and common interests.


Friends know many faces

As a listener, you make it possible for us to continue to share that fascination. You know this doesn't happen by itself; we therefore welcome support of all shapes and sizes. Have you ever thought of a fun volunteer position around our concerts? Would you rather make a shared dream possible, with financial support? Perhaps an ambassador position is something for you, and you can bring us to the attention of your own network.

Whatever shape appeals to you, you are our Friend! And that's why we like to do something extra for you:

· we will be the first to inform you about the news about New Collegium;

· we invite you exclusively for rehearsals and Meet & Greet with the musicians;

· you receive a 10% discount for 2 entrance tickets to our self-organized concerts;

· and 10% discount on all our CDs.

How do you become a Friend?

If you would like to speak with us about a volunteer or ambassador role, or if you are considering sponsoring, we would be happy to contact you by phone or in person. You can reach us on 06 4321 0010 or

Would you like to support us financially? We are very happy with that! Transfer at least €30 annually to account NL96 INGB 0004 8940 76 in the name of Stichting CMDH in The Hague and send your details (name, email address and amount) in an email to With donations of €50 or more you will receive a free CD of your choice!

As of January 1, 2009 the Tax Authorities designate St. CMDH as a Public Benefit Organization (ANBI). The advantage of donating to ANBIs is that you can deduct the gift in whole or in part from your taxable income. More information can be foundhere.

Friends who came before you

Susan Rosen

Eva Kollmar

Matthew & Roberta Cohen

Fred Salomon

and 67 friends who wish to remain anonymous – they are just as dear to us!

Special donation to the CMDH Harpsichord Fund

Rabobank Stimulation Fund


Hans van Krevelen (music publisher Musica Repartita Utrecht)

Professional friends and partners of New Collegium

Inês d'Avena - recorder player and PhD researcher

Joost van Brug - photographer

Mendel Hardeman - Portuguese-Dutch translator

Musica Antica da Camera - concert series

Rebecca Rosen - cellist

Sara De Corso - violinist

Telartis - web applications and management

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